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Customized device with Ceramic Coating !!!

Is one of the best 3d Grounding Radars for underground research with with possibility of horizontal and vertical scanning, is a technology used to detect underground human structure structures, magnetized metals, fire-burned living areas and historical textures under the ground.

Treasure hunters, archaeologists and professional detector users demands and expectations are continuously growing. So are our X6 Plus ground scanners.

The Χ6 PLUS GROUNDING RADAR®  v.2a (Military Equipment), is an innovation in geophysical subsoil scanning machines, as it offers digital live scanning function for very fast real-time results and more accurate marking of the target metal or caved. The X6 Plus System, used for military mine detection and also police bomb detection. Scanning process can be started directly on the device.


The Χ6 PLUS GROUNDING RADAR® (Military Equipment), is powered by a smart high-energy battery that offers much more power to the device. Χ6 PLUS, allows you to detect buried objects and structures deep into the ground down up to 13 meters. We include our best smart antenna: the 90cm smart sensor HD antenna. Adding an antenna with a smart sensor enhances resolution and performance as the quality of the antenna greatly influences the overall result you get from your scan. Χ6 PLUS GROUNDING RADAR® v.2a (Military Equipment) is controlled by an android tablet  that included the NEW multilingual Software EU3D Studio Professional Edition developed by our engineers that offers a detailed analysis of the scanned area. Just enter the dimension of the area you want to scan and start analysing what’s below your feet !


How works

Smart X6GR2 sensor works by transmitting an electromagnetic pulse into the ground at regular intervals.

These pulses then reflect off features in the ground and are detected by a receiver antenna. By measuring the strength and time delay of the responses it is possible to estimate the depth of the below ground features. Collecting X6GR data across an area also allows for the mapping of below surface features, giving an estimate of size, shape, and depth.

With Χ6 PLUS GROUNDING RADAR® (Military Equipment)version 2a, you don’t need to keep north or south in your back like it’s the case for other systems on the market, you can scan any direction you want.

You can scan automatically or manually (you add the number of rows and their lengths) and may also choose area scans. This is set up on the control box.

The results appear on the Android tablet, you can then determine which king of target you encounter whether it’s a void or metal. You can even see if it’s iron or not.



X6 3D Suite

The included 3D Ground Surfer & Plotter software, was already ahead of its time when it was introduced in 2020. With the help of the generated visualizations in 2D and 3D, numerous treasures and discoveries have been identified and determined in size and depth even before they were excavated.

With the new 2023 upgrade to X6 3D SUITE , users get more features and thus benefit from improved visualizations and additional possibilities

3D Ground Surfer & EU3D Plotter software

New version of Χ6 PLUS GROUNDING RADAR® (Military Equipment)v.2a is controlled by a tablet Android that includes the NEW multilingual Software X6 Suite and EU3D Studio ( Ground Surface & Plotter ), that offers a detailed analysis of the scanned area. There is no wire between tablet and control unit and the antenna is situated directly at the end of the control box making it easy to use on all kind of grounds even the least accessible ones.

The new 3D software (Ground Surfer) of our Company, allows you to scan automatically or manually. Each time you open the device it performs automatically Ground balance with the ground relieving the operator of this process. You can then add the number of rows, steps and dimension of each step or just enter the length and width of the scan and the program will adjust the rest automatically.


  • Scan for metal and cavities up to 13 meters deep.
  • Includes ground expert control for perfect metal discrimination.
  • Comes with NEW Software X6 3D Suite Professional Edition ( Ground Surface & Plotter ) .
  • Manually or automatically scan.
  • Zig-zag area scan.
  • Smart sensor 90cm antenna offers high resolution picture of the underground.
  • Device is controller by Android tablet , no need for remote PC.
  • X6 Plus 3D custom software comes in English, Greek, Chinese and Turkish languages.
  • Easy to use, no need for complicated settings.
  • Wireless control unit (Bluetooth technology).
  • See the depth and nature of the detected targets.
  • Gives you up to 2.000 filters, to make the difference between iron and non iron targets.
  • Save scans as .csv files on your tablet, to transfer them to computer.
  • Charging from USB and Power bank.
  • (extra) can comes with waterproof and shock resistant case.
  • Ability to show the shape of the detected object.
  • Failure to perceive small inert materials.
  • Ability to view without direction problems.
  • The X6 plus system consists of the software Grounding Surfer EU3D and the recording hardware.
    It's purpose is the detection of objects in the ground.
    The data recorded by the hardware (the transmitter) is sent to a PC or tablet and visualized as a coloured 3D terrain and a 2D colourmap by the Grounding Surfer 3D software.
    Before you start the program, please make sure to plug in the receiver into the Bluetooth port of your Android tablet / phone.
    You want to learn how to use our products correctly and how to analyse the scans?
    Then contact us for a Χ6 Plus individual training via .
    It does not matter where you live, we also come to you.
    The Χ6 Plus individual training is offered worldwide and in our company.
    *individual Training is also offered by our distributors


    The Χ6 PLUS GROUNDING RADAR® (Military Equipment) comes with :

    • Waterproof and shock resistant Android 8″ X6 tera tablet (extra).
    • 1x Android 10″ tablet (standar edition)
    • 1x NEW multilingual Software X6 3D Suite Professional Edition .
    • Optional VOXLER 3d software.(extra)
    • 1x 90cm antenna with handheld & smart sensor.
    • 1x Tablet charger.
    • Wireless  control unit (Bluetooth technology)
    • 1x lithium-ion battery charger.
    • multilinguals 3D software’s
    • 1x Waterproof and shock resistant case.
    • Detailed Instruction
    • 3 years warranty


    X6 Plus

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