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WE DESIGN EU Detect Force Ltd Professional Detector
next generation of 3d detection device
EU Detect Force Ltd
Smart Technology | two years warranty
Professional Detector
Our company is developing and manufacturing professional ground surveying detectors for the construction industry.

Welcome to X6 Plus v.2

The X6 Plus 3D Grounding Radar NEW v.2, is a 3D measuring device for the detection and precise localisation of anomalies in the ground. It is based on newly developed and measuring technology from EU Detect Force Ltd, United kingdom.

This detector, helps you to discover and discriminate all kinds of metal (structures and magnetized objects).

The X6 Plus System is best suited to detect and locate underground voids, such as bunkers, graves, tunnels or other rooms.The system, used for military mine detection and also police bomb detection.

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two years warranty

British quality backed by two years warranty!

Smart Technology

Auto ground balances according to mineralization level of the soil.

Be Professional

let you see the shape, metal and depth of the object before you even start digging.

Easy to use

With no buttons on it, you can do all the operation via X6 Plus Surfer software.

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