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X6 Proton

X6 Proton magnetometer

It works by measuring the precession of hydrogen protons in a magnetic field. In the sensor, filled with a liquid containing hydrogen, these hydrogen protons are arranged in an irregular state before being forcibly polarized by the instrument. When a polarization signal is artificially added to it, the proton will do precession.

The magnetic field measurement accuracy of X6 Proton magnetometer is ±1nT, and the resolution is as high as 0.1nT, which fully meets the requirements of the “High-precision Ground Magnetic Measurement Work Regulations” issued by the original Ministry of Mines.

  • Features:
    Five advantages
  • 1.Range reach 20,000 nT ~ 100,000 nT. Apply worldwidely.
  • 2.Competitive with imported instruments in accuracy and stability
  • 3. Including base station mode, running point step measurement, GPS coordinate recording
  • 4.Computer gene


Main technical parameters of the instrument

  1. Measuring range: 20,000nT100,000nT Measurement accuracy: ± 1nT
  1. Resolution: ± 0.1nT
  1. Allowable gradient: ≤5,000 nT/m
  1. Base station measurement interval: 6 to 60 seconds, can be set
  1. GPS positioning accuracy: <2.5m
  1. Storage data: daily change mode: not less than 45 hours (when the typical reading interval is 6-60 seconds); point measurement mode: 100,000 measurement points readings.
  1. Working temperature: -10℃+50℃
  1. LCD display: 240×240 graphic LCD with backlight
  1. Communication interface: USB
  1. Electricity Source: DC7.4V 5200mA Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can work continuously for 20 hours in standby
  1. Host: Dimensions: 270mm×110mm×223mm Weight: 2.5Kg
  1. Probe: Dimensions: Ф74×150mm Weight: 0.8Kg


X6 Proton

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