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X6 Hammer I & II v.2 3D Grounding Radar

X6 Hammer

Automatic imaging. The 7″ Android touch screen is intelligent in real time into 2D, 3D and curved images.
Precise and stable.The disadvantages of natural electromagnetic field sources, which are inconsistent in size and change from time to time, are solved and the accuracy is greatly improved.

Intelligent and flexible TT probe measurement.

X6 Hammer v.2 series of three-dimensional imaging cavity detectors are the most advanced professional-grade geophysical archaeological detectors for three-dimensional imaging in the industry.

The instrument reflects the change of underground resistivity by measuring the strength of the natural electromagnetic field to analyse and judge the location, size, depth and other related information of underground cavities, ground breaking, and karst caves.

It plays a huge role in the construction of archaeological excavation, cavity disasters, etc. It belongs to the professional geophysical cavity detector and is favoured by professional archaeological exploration enthusiasts and professional cultural relics and archaeological units.
It has been listed to obtain several invention patents (Patent No. 201310205318.9, 201110454869.X, 201320054153.5, 201120214308.8, 201120567915.2, 201320303919.9) and has been recognized as a high-tech achievement transformation project.

Android software production cooperation with ADMT .

Main uses: It is used for archaeological exploration projects such as finding cellars, tombs, and ground breaking,Used for disaster investigations such as finding underground cavities, mined-out areas, and stratum subsidence cavities.


X6 Hammer

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